The warranty application is processed in accordance with NTM’s warranty and delivery terms.


  • All fields marked with red asterisk * are mandatory. The system automatically fills in the unit model, delivery date, and claim number (RMA) based on the serial number of the device. Fill in the field “Operating  hours/KM” the operation hours of the RCV and if it a question about Trailers and Bodyworks then write the KMs (Kilometers from the trailers, ebs system).
  • The fault and couse must be described in detail in the application. If the claim concerns parts, the application must contain the NTM part number.
  • The application must always be accompanied by pictures of the defect before and after repair. All other documents clarifying the error and/or the cause of the event will also be attached to the application. Do not forget the EBS file its a question about Trailers.(If it’s a question about a trailer the EBS log must be attached).
  • A copy of the warranty application must always be attached to the parts returned.
  • If this information is not provided or is deficient, the application may be rejected. If the application concerns replacement of parts, the replaced part must be returned to NTM after the repair or what is agreed case by case. (If requested)

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