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  • Flatbed & Tent
  • Swap Body Carriers
  • Site Work
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  • Krone Trailers
  • The traditional flat bed constructionhas a strong forklift-proof bottom made of wooden plank with a surface of phenolic plywood and side boards in aluminium.
  • With NTM's extendable trailer chassis, you transform your flatbed trailer with European dimensions into a special transport trailer with which you can transport extremely long self-supporting goods.
  • NTM dollyn is a well-proven workhorse with various height options and many user-friendly detail solutions.
  • The drawbar container tipper made in 3- or 4-axle design is very robust and really made to withstand the tough handling that a trailer of this kind often is subjected to.
  • A hook-lift trailer built especially with the Swedish market in mind. It's construction gives a low dead weight but at the same time makes it resistant to the stresses a trailer of this kind is subjected to during its lifetime.
  • Shifty Rail is a sturdy swap body vehicle that has roller tracks integrated into the chassis members in an attractive design.
  • VDL
    VDL’s product range includes hook lifts from 8 to 35 tonne. We have developed a reduced height version for the Nordic market, with an installation height of 190 mm. NTM swap body chassis are available in both telescoping and telescoping/folding arm v…
  • A transfer tipper combination that functions on the well-known KHT principle, where all hydraulics are mounted on the tractor unit.
  • Specially useful in agricultural transport, e.g. grain, root vegetables, fodder, fertiliser etc.
  • When a transport job requires really special equipment, we develop what is needed in collaboration with our customer.
    The customer’s knowledge of special transport conditions, combined with our knowledge and long experience of designing and building…
  • Tipping beds and trailers with aluminium sides or box body.
  • An extremely versatile skeleton trailer for container transport that can also be used as an independent trailer.
  • Combines the flexible dry cargo body with a self loading/unloading moving floor system, which you can use to efficiently combine ordinary piece goods and bulk transport.
  • Rotofix 360, a rotatable lashing bracket that works as an integral part of the floor. Enables full force lashing in any direction without any loose accessories.
  • Krone Profi Liner with Nordic chassis is a popular model in the Nordic countries. King Pin load 16 tonnes and the flexible roof, combined with a strong floor are reasons for the success.

    We also sell trailers for transports in Europe to competitive…
  • The Krone Cool Liner is the simplest and best way to transport pharmaceutical products, sensitive flowers or frozen goods. The Nordic edition meats the demands from the Nordic countries with a King Pin load up to 18 tonnes. Along with its exemplary a…
  • We sell all the models that Krone has in their wide product range. For example the Coil Liner for steel transport and the center axle trailers for different kind of transports are popular models. Krone´s flexible Box Liners for container transport ar…