UNO-2K is a unique solution that’s been developed for emptying underground containers and bottom-emptying containers.

The two chambers are easily and safely filled with the contents of separate fractions using a crane. As a result, the mileage can be reduced as one refuse collection vehicle can manage and transport two different types of waste.

The efficient pendulum compactor of more than 8 m³ (4,4 m³ per side) has a highly functional design with few moving parts. This design reduces the maintenance costs for the truck body and the compactor and optimises the compaction of the waste. In combination with a generous carrying capacity of 27 m³, this vehicle is well equipped to transport a large and compact load. The simple unloading with ejection plates, one chamber at a time, prevents the fractions from getting mixed.

UNO-2K is designed for three- and four-axle chassis, and the volume of the truck body is adjusted according to the length of the chassis.  

The crane can be mounted on either the frame of the chassis or the roof of the truck body. There are also two options for the body compartment sizes: 60/40 or 50/50.


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