The NTM front loader was designed for easy operation and a high degree of reliability.


The result is a front loader that is unique in many ways. FL-P has a loading capacity of up to 36 cubic meters. Packing is clean and tidy thanks to the automatic pendulum function. This front loader needs no ejection plate as it is emptied by tipping.

This keeps cleaning down to an absolute minimum, thus saving on maintenance costs. The patented cab shield makes it easy to get all the waste in the hopper without spillage. The lifting arms are easily controlled using a joystick.

This is made possible by advanced PLC technology (programmable control system) that controls the hydraulics, ensuring smooth operation of the front loader.


  • 1. Grit spreader
  • 2. Emptying device for smaller bins
  • 3. Auto lube
  • 4. Hydraulic oil heater
  • 5. Weighting equipment
  • 6. Modem for PLC system
  • 7. Sideways shiftable lifting forks
  • 8. Tiltable cab shield


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