Flexible units for suction and transport different kind of sludge, hazardous wastes as well as for ATEX (explosion proof) application. Having single or multiple compartment with fix or tipping tank. Mountable on all kind of chassis with all commercial PTO available.


  • Carbon steel, stainless steel AISI 304 and 316
  • Cylindrical tank from 8.000 lt to 17.000 lt
  • Mountable from 2 to 4 axis
  • With single or multiple compartment
  • With fix and tipping tank
  • Having rear cover fix, manual openable or hydraulic (with wedges system)
Vacuum system:
  • Hydraulic or mechanically driven
  • Rotary vane, liquid ring or tri lobe positive displacement pumps
  • From 1.200 m3/h to 4.500 m3/h with 93% vacuum
  • Suction reels available on top of the tank (without or with arm® – patent system), on back lid or positioned behind the cabin
Shelf and boxes:
  • Open or closed hose boxes positioned on side of the tank
  • Clothes cabinet with or without heating
  • ADR or ATEX certification
  • Heated valves against freezing
  • Radio remote control
  • Tool boxes
  • Supports for tolls
  • Transfer pumps
  • Weighting system
  • Ladder and catwalk
  • CAP CONTROL (it lower the engine truck rpm to save the fuel consumption)