Unique premium class vacuum loader generate from long experience since more than 30 years. All Cappellotto vacuum loaders have an unbeatable payload combined with high performances. The main filter is the hearth of each Cappellotto machine with 5 m3 capability able to fit 64 filter socks having 1 sqm each for a wide filtration capability. The system is not only self cleaning but it allow also an automatic discharging from filter to debris tank to perform continuous operation work all day without any stop. On every unit you have a wide spectrum and options and they are mountable on all kind of chassis with all commercial PTO available.

  • Carbon steel
  • Cylindrical tank having 10.000 lt capability
    • Mountable on 3 or 4 axis chassis
    • Tipping tank
    • Suction and discharging valve 6”
    • Rear cover hydraulically operated (with wedges system)
    • Vibrators on main tank
Vacuum system:
  • Mechanically driven
  • Tri lobe vacuum pump
  • Flow rate 6.500 m3/h with 93% vacuum
  • Upper suction boom 6” having 2 joints and 4 movements with total maximum length of 6.5 mt
  • Standard stainless steel pump encasement open with sound proof sponge
Filter system:
  • 5 m3 filtering system, self cleaning by means an independent air compressor
  • Connected with debris tanks for an automatic discharging
  • Having 64 filter socks washable and reusable
Shelf and boxes:
  • Open side boxes positioned on side of the debris tank
  • Clothes cabinet with heating system (electrical)
  • Radio remote control
  • Tool boxes
  • Hot/cold washing hands
  • Heated valves
  • Possibility to have the debris tank in stainless steel AISI 304 or 316
  • Main debris tank having capability up to 14.000 lt
  • High tipping system for an easily discharging up to 2.500 mm high
  • ADR or ATEX certification
  • Air compressor for pneumatic tools available on back side
  • Basic washing pack with cold water tank having 300 lt water, HP pump 21 lt @ 280 bar with spring return reel
  • High washing pack with cold water tank having 1.000 lt water, HP pump 21 lt @ 280 bar with spring return reel
  • Supports for tolls
  • Transfer pump
  • Ladder