Combination between suction and jetting machine, for sewage cleaning, covering all tasks for industrial cleaning with heavy vacuum pump and HP jetting. Flexible units with a wide spectrum and options. Mountable on all kind of chassis with all commercial PTO available.


  • Stainless steel AISI 304
  • Lateral side boxes tank having 10.000 lt for sludge and up to 5.250 lt for water
    • Mountable on 3 axis chassis having WB 4.200 mm
    • Tipping tank
    • Rear cover hydraulically operated (with wedges system)
Vacuum system:
  • Mechanically driven
  • Tri lobe vacuum pump
  • Flow rate 3.000 m3/h with 93% vacuum
  • Upper suction reel with arm® having total maximum length of 6.5 mt
  • Transport suction reel on back lid with 50 mt @ 3” having roll in/out hydraulic
  • Mechanically driven pump
  • Flow and pressure: 333 lt @ 170 bar or 274 lt @ 200 bar
  • Front pump encasement for primary HP reel, vacuum pump and HP pump with winter pack up to -15°C
  • Primary HP hose reel 160 mt @ 1” with automatic roll in/out and hose guide placed on front encasement and coming out parallel with vacuum hose
  • Secondary HP hose reel 80 mt @ ½” with automatic roll in/out and hose guide placed on front encasement
Shelf and boxes:
  • Closed side boxes positioned below of water tank pneumatically operated
  • Clothes cabinet with heating system
  • Radio remote control
  • Tool boxes
  • Hot/cold washing hands
  • Heated valves
  • Heating system (Webasto or Ebershpaker) for clothes cabinet and pump encasement
  • Possibility to have the tank in carbon steel or stainless steel AISI 316 as well
  • Lateral side boxes tank having capability up to 17.700 lt for sludge and up to 5.900 lt for water
    • Front pump encasement for winter pack up to -30°C
    • ADR or ATEX certification
    • Foldable or swivel vacuum reel on back lid directly connected with tank up to 30 mt @ 4”
    • Possibility to have the secondary HP reel delivered on the back instead on the side when you have the winter pack -30°C
    • Supports for tolls
    • Transfer pumps
    • Weighting system
    • Ladder
    • Vacuum pump up to 4.500 m3/h