Quatro: Innovative four compartment body

The NTM QUATRO is an advanced 4-chamber reclamation unit designed to achieve maximum collection efficiency in separation at source collections. Operating with specially designed 4-compartment bins, which are all loaded at the rear, the system can also be used with bagged fractions collected in a 4-compartment slave cart.

Utilising the unique NTM space efficient pendulum principle, features include compaction in all 4 compartments of the body, together with a cycle time to empty all the compartments of the bin at the same time in 15-20 seconds.

Multi-chamber vehicles

Technical information


Bin lift proportionally controlled by hydraulic levers

Weighting equipment

Hydraulic oil heater

Auto lube

Camera with in cab monitor for loading and reversing

Modem for PLC system

Technical data

Load volume (netto):

9,4+4,8+4,4+2,1 m³

Body weight:

8500 kg

Height above chassis frame:

~3500 mm


2550 mm

Total length:

8800 mm

Compaction force:

180 kN (17,5 ton)

Working cycle:

15 s

Lifting capacity of bin lift:

1. - 500 kg; 2. - 100 kg

Bin sizes:

240 - 370 l (delade kärl)

Compaction force:

200 bar

Compactor volume:

700 + 400 + 90 + 60 l