Job application

NTM has a goal of continuous growth and therefore constantly needs more staff for the company in Närpes.

We have several different tasks to offer depending on your education and your interests. Some examples of tasks are:

- Assembling of refuse collectors
- Installation of hydraulic systems
- Installation of electrical equipment
- Element assembly
- Final assembly
- Welding of components
- Welding of metal constructions
- Producing of components
- Producing of elements
- Repairs & service 
- Building maintenance
- Work in warehouse
- Data registration work
- Engineering
- Foreman tasks
- Management positions

If you are interested to work with us, you can fill in a work application at: http://www.ntm.fi/fi/the-company/career/job-application or send us a free formulated application to jobs@ntm.fi.

We register and process the applications as they arrive.

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